Helping apartment buildings
to be energy smart and save.
Update: Our research initiative is now closed to new participants. We are currently processing data and plan to publish our results soon. While the research program is closed we are continuing to work with apartment buildings and offer a range of services to help reduce and manage energy usage and costs.

We are the strata energy audit experts

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Our services

We are the strata energy experts

  • Proven track record working in the strata sector.
  • Experience in the energy market, energy procurement, network tariff analysis.
  • Experts in energy efficiency technologies (car park lighting, ventilation, pumping systems, LED lighting, solar power, hot water, power factor correction).

“Our energy usage is down by 43%. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Catherine , EC Chairperson.  SP 68853

We have helped over 50 apartment buildings across Sydney to reduce energy costs

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