Helping apartment buildings
to be energy smart and save.

About Us.

We work with apartment buildings to reduce energy costs.

Energy Smart Strata is a Sydney based engineering consultancy specialising in providing energy consultancy services to apartment buildings.

Why choose us?

We have helped over 150 apartment buildings across Sydney reduce their energy usage and costs.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in apartment buildings to manage energy costs.

We have expertise and experience in a range of areas including:

  • Energy procurement (small and large business electricity contract tenders, negotiations, contracts).
  • Energy efficiency opportunities.
  • Apartment building lighting (car park lighting, fire stair lighting, interior/lobby lighting, exterior lighting).
  • Car park ventilation.
  • Apartment building ventilation (kitchen exhaust, toilet exhaust, lobby supply and exhaust).
  • HVAC (centralised air conditioning systems).
  • Power factor correction.
  • Pumping systems.
  • Solar power.
  • Hot water.

We offer impartial, unbiased advice

Good advice can be hard to find.

If a company conducting an energy assessment also sells their own energy efficiency products how can you be sure their assessment provides unbiased advice and doesn’t just try to promote their own product? Unlike other companies offering energy assessements we do not try to onsell products. We are not affiliated with any suppliers or retailers. We just give you the best advice to help you to save.

Our goals

Our goal is simple, to promote energy efficiency and a cleaner and greener future. While many eco companies speak about a greener future we’re working for one.

Our aim isn’t to only help our clients save energy and money, we are here to help entire the strata sector. Thats why we started the Energy Smart Strata research initiative.

Our beginning

Energy Smart Strata was established in 2012 to implement our research initiative promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in the strata sector.

Energy Smart Strata is a specialist branch of Huxham Energy Consulting. While at Huxham Energy Consulting our core focus was the commercial sector we were recieving an increasing number of enquires from aparment buildings needing help to reduce rising energy costs.

We conducted energy audits of numerous sites and discovered that, compared to the commercial sector, the strata sector was rife with inefficiencies, energy wastage and unecessarily high electricity costs. While our larger commercial clients had dedicated facility and building managers and often environmental officers who managed energy usage and costs, strata plans often have no on-site building managers and decisions are made by executive committees and strata managers with limited information on energy efficiency.

The majority of strata plans we audited could easily reduce their energy consumption by 30% by implementing simple energy efficiency opportunities. Energy cost savings were even higher as many sites were on incorrect or sub-optimal tariffs.

It was clear that strata sector had significant energy wastage and high costs, with a strong need for expert and independent advice.

Energy Smart Strata was established to address this need.

Look at our fact sheets for information on options to reduce electricity usage and costs. Or at our case studies to see just how easy it can be for your apartment building to save energy and money.

Contact us now for more information or to register your interest in recieving a low cost level 2 energy audit under the Energy Smart Strata research iniative.

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