Initial findings of our research show just how easy it is for apartment buildings to reduce their energy usage and costs

Seeing as thought we are now over half way to our target of auditing 50 buildings we thought it was about time to start reviewing our data… and we were surprised by what we found.

Looking at just 15 apartments buildings our energy audits identified a range of energy saving opportunities that could reduce the combined electricity usage by 48%. These savings could be easily achieved by standard energy saving measures such as upgrading lighting and ventilation systems.

The energy savings are cost effective too, with a payback on investment of only 2 years. The energy savings would save a total of $112k per year and reduce greenhouse emissions by 487 tCO2, equivalent to taking 160 cars off the road.

Click here to read a fact sheet outlining a summary of our initial findings.

All 15 sites have bee paying too much for electricity due to sub-optimal retail rates, network tariffs and metering configurations. Just by moving onto better market contracts $28,000 could be saved a year in total for all sites.

Energy usage and energy costs are high in the strata sector.

Our findings show just how easy it can be for apartment buildings to reduce their energy usage and costs.