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What is an Energy Smart Apartment Building?

An Energy Smart Designed Apartment Building is one where we have engaged with developers during the design and construction phase to improve the energy efficiency and sustainable performance. This not only reduces ongoing energy usage and greenhouse emissions but also greatly reduces ongoing energy costs for owners.

Features of an Energy Smart Designed Apartment Building

  • Consultation at design phase to improve energy performance and sustainability.
  • Incorporates energy efficient technologies.
  • Reduction in energy usage and energy costs for common areas.

Energy Smart, a balancing act

Being Energy Smart does not mean simply placing solar panels on the rooftop. It involves a careful consideration of the various energy efficiency solutions available, comparing the relative cost and environmental benefits and implementing practical and effective solutions. We work to identify the best opportunities unique to each site. This involves not only assessing upfront costs and energy savings, but ongoing maintenance issues and the life cycle of equipment.

Energy Smart Design


1-9 William St, Beaconsfield

Energy Smart Accredited

The site was designed in consultation with Energy Smart Strata. The build incorporates several best-practise energy efficiency technologies. This has reduced energy usage and greenhouse emissions. This has reduced ongoing…...

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