Helping apartment buildings
to be energy smart and save.


Antias, Pyrmont

Energy Smart Strata provided Antias Apartments in Jacksons Landing, Pyrmont with an Energy Audit even though we were a new energy efficient building.

They identified several areas where we could save additional energy costs which we implemented:

  • We installed sensors for the lighting in the garbage room and bike storage area and,
  • Changed our foyer and fire escape lighting to LED’s.

However the biggest saving was made after they identified we were on an incorrect tariff and rates structure and identified an alternative supply company.

This has resulted in savings of 20% on our electricity bills.

A very satisfactory result.

We are continuing to use the services of Energy Smart Strata to regularly monitor and analyse our energy usage.


We highly recommend Energy Smart Strata to any other Strata’s.

- Neville, EC Member Antias

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