Helping apartment buildings
to be energy smart and save.

1-3 Botany Rd.

Project Description

We helped the site reduce energy usage by  37% and reduce energy costs down by 43%.

This proactive apartment building has implemented a number of cost-effective energy efficiency projects aimed at reducing energy usage and costs. We conducted an energy audit of the site and continue to provide ongoing energy reporting and data management.

Some of the energy saving measures implemented include:

  • Replace 32W circular fluorescent oyster fittings in corridors with 10W LED oyster fittings with in-built motion sensors.
  • Retrofit T5 tubes into non-emergency T8 fittings.
  • Replace emergency fluorescent tube fittings in car park and fire stairs with new LED tube fittings with in-built motion sensors and step dimming controls.
  • Replace exterior lighting (PLC recessed fittings) with LED fittings.
  • Replace inefficient halogen lamps in bollards with LED strip lighting.

The figure below shows how energy usage and costs have reduced.

Reduce apartment building energy costs

Reduce apartment building energy costs

“We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Catherine , EC Chairperson.  SP 68853

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