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Kai, Manly.

Project Description

The Kai Apartments, Manly is a modern 5-storey mixed residential and commercial strata complex. While the site incorporated many energy efficient technologies such as motion sensors to control interior and car park lighting our energy audit identified options to significantly reduce energy costs.

Reduce energy costs by 27%

We identified the site was on sub-optimal retail rates and network tariffs. We identified an option for the site to reduce electricity costs by upgrading to a large business account and moving onto a large business contract. We arranged the tender for the electricity contract and found the site the best deal. This has resulted in a 27% reduction in electricity costs.

Reduce energy usage by 45%

We identified several cost-effective options to reduce the electricity usage of common area equipment. In total the energy saving measures could reduce electricity usage by 45% and reduce energy costs by $11,500 per year. The payback on investment is only 3 years.

The following are some of the key opportunities we identified for the site to reduce energy usage:

  • Install carbon monoxide sensors and variable speed drives to control car park ventilation fans.
  • Replace halogen downlights with energy efficient LED downlights.
  • Upgrade fire stair lighting with new best practise integrated LED fittings with in-built motion sensors.
  • Upgrade car park lighting.
  • Install motion sensors to control lighting in storage areas and garbage rooms.

Interval data analysis

Our review of raw meter data (interval data) revealed an issue with car park ventilation fans. The fans were running 24 hours a day unnecessarily, this increased energy usage by 50% and significantly increased costs.

Solar power

Available roof space at this site was limited however there was space to install a 5kW system. This could supply 6% of common area electricity usage with a payback of 5 years.


Our interval data analysis identified a fault with car park ventilation resulted in fans running 24 hours/day, increasing electricity usage by 50%

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